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Our Curriculum

Curriculum areas include:

Art, music, pre-reading, pre-math, and science.

Activities and circle time themes include:

Music, calendar, families, and many more.

In addition to circle time, art projects, and various games are conducted throughout the day.

Outdoor play area is exclusively for the daycare. Children are taken outside daily to allow the development of large motor skills. In addition, we take frequent walks to study nature and our surroundings.

Our Facility

Classes are divided into age groups. In each classroom, the rooms are separated into different sections of play. Examples: Kitchen, Reading, Blocks, and Art, etc. 

At the Dover location: Our rooms are broken into three different age groups: 2-3 years old, 3-4 years old, and 4 years old, where the children will get ready to enter school. 

At the Pompton Plains Location: Our rooms are broken into three groups: birth-2 years old, 2-3 years old, and 3-4 years old. 

Our Philosophy

Children have the right to respect; value, kindness, honesty and choice/power.

Quality childcare gives a positive, long lasting benefit to the child and their family.

Learning through play is an excellent philosophy that encourages learning. Children learn best by interacting with their environment, through experimenting, singing, talking, tasting, painting, etc...

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